How to spot fake Tiffany Jewellery


You may remember the other week I posted a video about how to spot fake jewellery so that you can file a chargeback and recover your money if you are unfortunate enough to become a victim of fraud. Further to that post I have compiled a list of ways to spot fake Tiffany jewellery, as it is becoming an increasingly larger problem every year – particularly around Christmas time. Remember these points and hopefully you won’t get roped into buying dud jewellery.

Tiffany are a very reputable retailer for quality. As a result they never have “outlet” jewellery. Anyone claiming be an outlet selling Tiffany jewellery for below the going rate is selling fake Tiffany jewellery and should be reported to the relevant authorities.

F Hinds JewelleryAll Tiffany jewellery is made in the USA, Italy, Spain or Mexico, and not China or any other countries where cheap jewellery is often mass-produced. If you see anyone selling numerous new Tiffany items then beware because they are probably selling Chinese rubbish.

When looking at a Tiffany tag bracelet or necklace, the links should be pretty much seamless. In other words you shouldn’t be able to see them. This is the level of quality that you should expect from a reputable jewellery maker such as Tiffany. Look out for links being pinched together as opposed to soldered. If they are soldered well you will hardly notice the joins at all.

Every piece of Tiffany jewellery is stamped with the Tiffany & Co mark in addition to the metal mark. For silver this is always 925. If a piece of jewellery has more than one part. For example a chain with a pendant or a bracelet with a charm, BOTH pieces will be stamped. If both are not stamped then this is a very good indication that the item is indeed fake. To ensure your Tiffany jewellery is authentic, be sure to buy it from