My name is Lorna and I am an accountant from Southampton, England. For the past 4 years I have been working for Cartwright, Cartwright and Cartwright accountants in the centre of Southampton. Before this I was a sales assistant at Ernest Jones, which is where I become fascinated with my main hobby, jewellery.

This is a passion that I have carried since and something that plays a major part in my life. I always chose to buy family and friends jewellery as a gift as opposed to other items because I have always considered it to be a lot more meaningful. I can spend hours trying to pick the perfect piece of jewellery for the occasion.

Another hobby I have is gardening but I think I may start a separate blog for that, as it doesn’t mix well with jewellery. At the moment I am completely renovating my garden so this will no doubt be consuming most of my spare time this year. After that is done I hope to start a jewellery-making course in my spare time so that I can actually make my own bespoke jewellery as gifts for my friends and family.

Anyway, I hope you like my blog. Thanks for reading and please feel free to interact in the form of posting comments and sharing what I have to say.