How to buy the woman you love jewellery


For most men, the prospect of choosing and buying jewellery for the fairer sex can be quite daunting. Whether it’s the fact that buying any jewellery is quite a significant purchase, or the fact that you may not have been fully listening the last time she told you want ring size she is or whether she prefers gold, white gold or silver. Fortunately women want men to get it right just as much as men want to get it right, so there are a few signs to take heed of before venturing to the jewellers shops or websites. Here are some general suggestions on how to find out what she likes.

First and foremost it’s important that you listen to her. Usually around her birthday, Christmas or other special occasions where buying her a present is warranted, she will start to drop little hints into the everyday conversation. Whether you are watching TV and she mentions that she likes the jewellery that someone is wearing on a TV program or advert, or she mentions that her friend’s boyfriend bought her a really nice necklace, the hints will be there you just have to know how to find them. Listening to everything she says to you is the key.

Another way to tell what jewellery she likes is to look at her. She will wear all of her favourite jewellery with exception to the things that she only wears for special occasions such as Weddings and Christenings. There is no better or easier way to gauge what she likes than to see what she is already wearing.

Find out what her taste is. Does she prefer the finder things in life, such as her friend’s huge diamond ring, or would she rather have several less-expensive jewellery pieces so that she can have a variety. You can usually tell which she would prefer by looking at her clothes. Does she shop in Primark or Harvey Nichols?

Avoid rings unless you want to commit to her. Wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings and promise rings all have a symbol of “forever” with them. Not wanting to get married or engaged just yet is of course fine, but don’t send mixed signals by buying her a ring. Plus it’s very difficult to find out her ring size without her finding out and assuming you’re going to get down on one knee next time you go away fort he weekend.



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