Should I choose silver or gold?


fhinds promo codeAlthough the choice of silver or gold is normally simply a matter of taste, there are some practical reasons for choosing one over the other, and there are also occasions when one should be worn as opposed to the other.

Silver weighs less than gold. Although this will make very little difference when it comes to small jewellery pieces such as rings and earrings, it makes a considerable difference when considering which watches, bracelets or necklaces to buy. If the weight of a particular piece of jewellery is going to be an issue then it’s usually best to opt for silver as opposed to gold.

Another advantage that silver has over gold is the fact that it goes with absolutely anything. Due to the fact that it is very reflective and has no dominant colour, it reflects the colours that its worn with and therefore matches very well. Unfortunately gold only goes well with a limited number of colours, so it can look odd or out of place when worn with a lot of different colours.

Perhaps not such an important factor when it comes to jewellery due to the fact that it is often marked up quite high anyway, but silver is a better investment than gold. Despite what many people think there is actually a lot less silver in the world than there is gold. There is only 400 million ounces of silver which is quite a small proportion of the 1,500 million ounces of gold.

Of course for those who like owning gold but enjoy the fact that silver can be worn with anything, these is white gold. Although it is considerable more expensive to buy white gold jewellery it is quite often well worth the extra money because you know it can be worn for virtually any occasion. A good place to go and compare jewellery is F Hinds as they are a very reputable jeweller. There are plenty of reviews of their producvts and services online to give you peace of mind.

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