How to buy the woman you love jewellery


For most men, the prospect of choosing and buying jewellery for the fairer sex can be quite daunting. Whether it’s the fact that buying any jewellery is quite a significant purchase, or the fact that you may not have been fully listening the last time she told you want ring size she is or whether she prefers gold, white gold or silver. Fortunately women want men to get it right just as much as men want to get it right, so there are a few signs to take heed of before venturing to the jewellers shops or websites. Here are some general suggestions on how to find out what she likes.

First and foremost it’s important that you listen to her. Usually around her birthday, Christmas or other special occasions where buying her a present is warranted, she will start to drop little hints into the everyday conversation. Whether you are watching TV and she mentions that she likes the jewellery that someone is wearing on a TV program or advert, or she mentions that her friend’s boyfriend bought her a really nice necklace, the hints will be there you just have to know how to find them. Listening to everything she says to you is the key.

Another way to tell what jewellery she likes is to look at her. She will wear all of her favourite jewellery with exception to the things that she only wears for special occasions such as Weddings and Christenings. There is no better or easier way to gauge what she likes than to see what she is already wearing.

Find out what her taste is. Does she prefer the finder things in life, such as her friend’s huge diamond ring, or would she rather have several less-expensive jewellery pieces so that she can have a variety. You can usually tell which she would prefer by looking at her clothes. Does she shop in Primark or Harvey Nichols?

Avoid rings unless you want to commit to her. Wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings and promise rings all have a symbol of “forever” with them. Not wanting to get married or engaged just yet is of course fine, but don’t send mixed signals by buying her a ring. Plus it’s very difficult to find out her ring size without her finding out and assuming you’re going to get down on one knee next time you go away fort he weekend.




Should I choose silver or gold?


fhinds promo codeAlthough the choice of silver or gold is normally simply a matter of taste, there are some practical reasons for choosing one over the other, and there are also occasions when one should be worn as opposed to the other.

Silver weighs less than gold. Although this will make very little difference when it comes to small jewellery pieces such as rings and earrings, it makes a considerable difference when considering which watches, bracelets or necklaces to buy. If the weight of a particular piece of jewellery is going to be an issue then it’s usually best to opt for silver as opposed to gold.

Another advantage that silver has over gold is the fact that it goes with absolutely anything. Due to the fact that it is very reflective and has no dominant colour, it reflects the colours that its worn with and therefore matches very well. Unfortunately gold only goes well with a limited number of colours, so it can look odd or out of place when worn with a lot of different colours.

Perhaps not such an important factor when it comes to jewellery due to the fact that it is often marked up quite high anyway, but silver is a better investment than gold. Despite what many people think there is actually a lot less silver in the world than there is gold. There is only 400 million ounces of silver which is quite a small proportion of the 1,500 million ounces of gold.

Of course for those who like owning gold but enjoy the fact that silver can be worn with anything, these is white gold. Although it is considerable more expensive to buy white gold jewellery it is quite often well worth the extra money because you know it can be worn for virtually any occasion. A good place to go and compare jewellery is F Hinds as they are a very reputable jeweller. There are plenty of reviews of their producvts and services online to give you peace of mind.

How to spot fake Tiffany Jewellery


You may remember the other week I posted a video about how to spot fake jewellery so that you can file a chargeback and recover your money if you are unfortunate enough to become a victim of fraud. Further to that post I have compiled a list of ways to spot fake Tiffany jewellery, as it is becoming an increasingly larger problem every year – particularly around Christmas time. Remember these points and hopefully you won’t get roped into buying dud jewellery.

Tiffany are a very reputable retailer for quality. As a result they never have “outlet” jewellery. Anyone claiming be an outlet selling Tiffany jewellery for below the going rate is selling fake Tiffany jewellery and should be reported to the relevant authorities.

F Hinds JewelleryAll Tiffany jewellery is made in the USA, Italy, Spain or Mexico, and not China or any other countries where cheap jewellery is often mass-produced. If you see anyone selling numerous new Tiffany items then beware because they are probably selling Chinese rubbish.

When looking at a Tiffany tag bracelet or necklace, the links should be pretty much seamless. In other words you shouldn’t be able to see them. This is the level of quality that you should expect from a reputable jewellery maker such as Tiffany. Look out for links being pinched together as opposed to soldered. If they are soldered well you will hardly notice the joins at all.

Every piece of Tiffany jewellery is stamped with the Tiffany & Co mark in addition to the metal mark. For silver this is always 925. If a piece of jewellery has more than one part. For example a chain with a pendant or a bracelet with a charm, BOTH pieces will be stamped. If both are not stamped then this is a very good indication that the item is indeed fake. To ensure your Tiffany jewellery is authentic, be sure to buy it from

Clean jewellery with everyday items around the house

Cleaning your jewellery can give it a new lease of life which can sometimes make it feel brand new again. There are many companies and jewellers out there who are quite happy to up sell you some expensive jewellery cleaner whenever you buy a nice piece, but is it really necessary? In short, no. You can clean most different types of jewellery with some everyday household items.

Alka-Seltzer is surprisingly good for cleaning jewellery. Simply add some to water and drop your jewellery in for a few minutes. When you take it out again you will see that it has its sparkle back.

Another good way of cleaning jewellery – particularly silver – is to line a bowl with tin foil, fill woth hot (but not too hot) water, and add a tablespoon of bleach-free laundry detergent such as Daz. Powder works best. Let your jewellery soak in this solution for one minute and then dry thoroughly. This process is a scientific one called ion exchange, which is why it’s so effective when it comes to cleaning silver.

If you have a load of tarnish that has built up over time on your silver jewellery pieces, then baking soda is probably one of the best methods for getting it off. Add 2 tablespoons of water to 50g of baking soda and mix to form a thick paste. Apply this to the silver jewellery with a sponge or cloth, rinse with water and then buff dry with a dust-free cloth. It is important that this method is not used with jewellery that contains any gemstones including pearls as it can loosen the glue that holds them in.